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We put together a list of the most frequently asked questions

Can Inspect debug Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on iOS?

Inspect can't debug Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on iOS due to limitations by Apple. See for details

Inspect can't find my Safari tabs, what to do?

Sometimes Inspect can have trouble finding the Safari tabs on your iOS device.

The following steps unblock 80% of our users:

  1. Did you restart your iOS device after enabling Web Inspector?
  2. If you are using Windows, did you install and start iTunes to make sure your iOS device is paired with your computer?
  3. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked.
  4. Make sure Safari or the app you are trying to debug is the active one

As ironic as it might sound, but some users have needed to restart their Windows machine after installing iTunes. We suspect this is to start the Apple Driver provided by iTunes as a Windows service.

If your issue persists, please contact support and we are more than happy to help.

Inspect on Windows can see my device, but it says "no targets found.โ€

This typically happens if you just enabled web inspector on your iOS device. Please try to force restart Safari or restart your iOS device to make sure the web inspector service is running on your device.

Sometime it helps to:

  • Disconnect my phone
  • Restart iTunes
  • Connect your phone again.

Inspect doesn't detect my app using WebViews, what to do?

Inspect can only debug developer-provisioned apps.

This means that the app needs to have been installed via Xcode, and not via the AppStore or TestFlight.

This is a limitation from Apple. See for details.

Inspect can't find my iOS Simulator on MacOS, what do to?

Inspect uses the simctl utility provided by Xcode to detect and interact with iOS simulators. Follow these guides to make sure simctl works correctly:

How do I debug my local site with Inspect?

iOS doesn't support port forwarding to enable you to forward your localhost to the device. As a workaround we recommend a service like to enable a secure tunnel.

Windows Defender gives me a warning when opening Inspect?

Windows 10 gives a warning about Inspect because the Smart Scanner filter hasn't seen more than 1000 users using Inspect before.

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